Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Jerry Falwell is dead.

Fuck you, Falwell! Over the next couple of days, folks with be eulogizing this racist, sexist, classist evil fuckwit sonofabitch, but you're not gonna get that here. He's dead. Good! The earth is better off without him.

This rat bastard said that "pagans", abortionists, atheists, gays, feminists and "secularist" were the reason why 911 happened. He supported apartheid. He attacked Martin Luther King, Jr., and the concept of civil rights and to his dying breath supported segregation. There was never a war he disliked, nor a person of color he did like, he worked tirelessly to attack the rights of the poor and minorities. He scammed people who were poor and desperate for millions to spread hatred. His fat hands are red with innocent blood. He was a promoter of madness and hatred, and because of the material support he provided for warmongers and murderers, and to make no mention of his ideological support for even greater injustices and villainies, people have died.

So, fuck you, Falwell. Your death makes me wish there was the very Hell you believed in.


centuri0n said...

Yes, I see: his hatred is bad, and yours is good.

Very enlightening.

Chris Bradley said...

The short answer is that what a person hates, why and what they do with it matter. I do not dislike Falwell for the fact of his hatred, but of what he hated, why and what he did with it.

So, yeah, my hatred is good.

Sacred Slut said...
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Sacred Slut said...

Ramen, brother.

Did you see the Youtube of Hitchens slamming Falwell on Hannity and Colmes? That was priceless. The conservative (whichever that is) was all "oooh you're so MEAN!"

Chris Bradley said...

No! I have not seen that. I'm semi-allergic to Hitchens and have been for the past several years, hehe. But I can make an exception and take a look at it. I've heard several times it's worth a watch. ;)