Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Bringing up Islam

Like most American atheists, I generally limit myself to talking about Islam. There are a number of reasons for that, the biggest being that I'm mostly concerned with America and America's religion is Christianity, by and large. I -- unlike a lot of people -- just fail to recognize Islam as some big "threat". I think that fundie nutjob Christians are a much bigger threat than some nutters ten thousand miles away. And to the extent that I think that the terrorist problem with Islam needs to be dealt with, I think it should be dealt with through international law enforcement.

But, let's face it, Islam is at least as fucked up as Christianity. At least Christians don't quite so much poison their own as Muslims do.

But it seems to me that fundie Christians are related to fundie Muslims, that this sick and evil bastards are locked together.

So, take bin Laden. Where'd he get his start with terrorism? Fighting communists in Afghanistan. Who paid him? We did. The US government. The US government was so terrified of communism that we'd rather see nutjobs like bin Laden in charge. And not just Afghanistan! In Iran, a social democrat was elected -- Mohammed Mosaddeq-- and the CIA overthrew him to replace him with a KING, the Shah Reza Pahlavi. Now, this sonofabitch, with active support by the CIA, destroyed social democracy in Iran, but ignored the crazy mullahs who would eventually overthrow the Shah and institute the current fucked up Iranian Islamic republic noise. And in Arabia -- fuck calling it "Saudi Arabia", that's like calling America "Bush's America"! -- the US arms the king of Arabia with enough guns to protect the monarchy, there, from any democratic rebellion. Which they used to have, they used to have democratic uprisings, but, hey, violence works. They were crushed. Who paid for it? We did. Americans.

But . . . who in America supports these nutjobs?

I'm gonna tell you, but you should really go and look for yourself. Overwhelmingly, the people in America who supported fucked up mass murderers like bin Laden, the Shah of Iran and the sick fundamentalist Arabian monarchy are the same politicians supported by . . . Christian fundamentalists! You got it!

They are the same people.

Which means every nasty little truth I've said about Christians applies to Muslims, too! They are a bunch of homophobic, women-hating, anti-intellectual, racist, classist, anti-science, irrational backwards assed bigoted nutjobs as fundamentalist Christians! And the fundamentalist Christians have worked hand in hand with fundamentalist Muslims to create, over there, the kind of world Christian fundamentalists want right here in America, but can't have because some pretty smart guys decided that religion needs to be kept the fuck out of politics. All these religious psychos know that it isn't other religious psychos who are the real problem, it's the forces of "secularism" that Christian fundies attack with the same vigor as Muslim ones -- they are the same people!

So, I declare here and now that Islam is every bit as backwards, irrational, hateful, spiteful, bigoted, classist, sexist, racist, homophobic as any Christian faith, and unfortunately for the people who live under this vile medieval form of government their social systems have not developed the concept of separation of church and state, so a billion people in Muslim countries are forced to live under these fucked up psychopathic Islamic rulers. If all of Islam was swirled down the toilet, I'd say, "Good riddance".


L>T said...

The rise up of & exposure of fundimentalist Islamic irrationalism is a great opprotunity to see the potentual destructive power of religion.

If ever there is a time for those of us who do see it to speak up, it's now. The ones who are the same will be the least likely to see it.

As with all these monotheistic religions that take away a human's real identity & replace it with an identity expressly connected to the particular religion, to attack Islam is to attack the individual in a personal way.

The theology(?) of the Muslim religion justifies equally personal & violent retribution... so be careful, huh?

Chris Bradley said...

Hey! You back, yet? Or just sneakin' in from a computer, somewhere?

But, yeah, with Islam doing what it's doing, a reaction is being provoked from Christians, and there are nutters on both sides driving us towards some huge confrontation. Speaking up is vital, yes.

I'm not worried about Muslims coming to my house and chopping off my head, hehe. I live in Santa Cruz. The only Muslims we have here are interested in surfing.

L>T said...

I'm just coming back to haunt you for now. ;]

I'm still around, sorta. I'm not posting but, I'm not done with the Neitzsche thing yet, either. I have some stuff to do on EBAY, concerning it.

I'm bidding on a course on Judaism. 12 lectures Taught by Isaiah M. Gafni
Hebrew University, Jerusalem
Neitzsches book, "The twilight of the Idols", on audio CD
& a book called, Consolation of Philosophy(524 AD) by some guy called Boethius also on CD.
So pretty much it's the Neitzsche thing that's keeping me around.

RE: Islam & keeping your head.
I think the key to affectively criticizing religion is to lump them all together as you are doing. This way they can't fall back on their; "Woe is us" persecution bull shit, unless they admit they are all the same. I think it's a very good strategy.

Chris Bradley said...

I pity the foo' trying to read The Consolations of Philosophy. I didn't read it, but I've read ABOUT it. You'll be better educated about me in this stuff before long. ;) COOL!

I think I'm putting these fundamentalists together because they BELONG together. The act . . . pretty much identically to each other and seem to have the same social agenda of intolerance, bigotry and hatred. They just use different gods to justify their bigotry. ;)

L>T said...

It's the same God, really. Jews, Christians, & Muslims all claim they worship the the God of Abraham. The funny thing is if they'd acknowledge that, what a formidable force they'd be.

The Prophet Muhammad tried to offer his revelations as a Prophet of God to the Christians sometime in his career.(it might of been when he had to flee to Mecca? I don't remember where i heard it) The Christians turned him down cold, of course.

Fundimentalist Christians bend over backwards to deny any kinship to Muslims.

Chris Bradley said...


Oh, it's more widespread than that! The Hindu and/or Sihk extremists are the same vile lot, IME. ;)