Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Dr. Laura and Her Sick, Sad Son, Deryk - Let's Laugh at Them!

Another video post! This is me making fun of Dr. Laura and her son, Deryk, who has been in the news lately. The conservative rebuttals have of course addressed the issue that parents aren't to be held responsible for the behavior of their adult children.

Which is, of course, true. But with Dr. Laura, in particular, this is important. A huge bit of her schtick is the importance of protecting children from permissive society in order for them to develop into moral people. She makes particular statements about the efficacy of fundamentalist religious indoctrination of youth as a way to make moral, socially responsible people. Since she advances this notion, I think it is very fair to look at the way she has raised her own children, and how they, as adults, act in responsible and moral fashions.

Don't weep too much for Deryk, either. He has, all his adult life, been an active part in promoting his mother's career. So, he's a public personality in his own right, putting himself in the public eye. Let us take a look, shall we?

Important! Over the next couple of days, I'll be posting . . . pornography! That's right. RIGHT HERE I'll be posting pornography, out of the various things I've written. It seems that LiveJournal has decided to start deleting journals that have as interests things that LJ doesn't think ought to be interests. So journals and communities where they have interests like "rape" or "incest" have become removed. A protest has been proposed. Since I actually have enough pornographic material to make two days of posts (indeed, longer than that, by far), I'll be doing that.

And this does matter. I, myself, don't care if people are interested in rape, incest and things of that nature in an artistic sense. I might find Harry Potter fanfic where his uncle sexually molests him to be . . . beyond my interests, shall we say, but it's fiction. More importantly, LJ's policies are making it that much harder for survivors of abuse, rape and incest to find each other for the purposes of comforting each other - it's feels like one more way of hiding society's ugly secrets. I object to both of them. Of course, as a private company, LJ can make any stupid fucking rules it wants, but I think a few days posting of pornography is acceptable in those situations.


L>T said...

Strong language, fav. "The army has spokesmen like Perfume companys"
My husband (soon to be EX-, thank Me) hated your post so much he has threatened to take a sledge-hammer to my computer. Oh well, I'll buy a better one, courtesy of him.

"Shrill, fundimentalist, psycopath" was pretty good, too. Also, "rare words on my space."

Screw Dr. Laura & her moralist bullshit. I guess my fucked up parents weren't so bad after all.

Chris Bradley said...

Dood! Are you serious? LOL. I must be doing something right if it is inciting people to threatening property destruction!

But, yeah, not a fan of Dr. Laura. Hypocrisy never sits well with me.

Also on YouTube is a video of Deryk at a political rally where he grabs a woman, throws her to the ground and starts kicking her. Great guy, that Deryk.

Chi said...

LMAO! I have always loathed Dr. Laura! And this is just too hilarious for words, given how moral she supposedly is :)

And to think that the army came out against it as some terrorist plot??!! As if every soldier in the army was a nice guy :) I mean, it takes a certain mindset to be able to kill people, so the fact that some sociopath -enjoys- war and all it's hidden benefits (rape, abuse, theft etc) isn't a surprise. Of course, the government doesn't want to admit that! "Soldiers are moral and upstanding citizens" yeah right hehe

Too funny, Chris :) Thanks for posting that! I would have missed this otherwise! :)