Friday, May 25, 2007

The Bible is Stupid: Makin' Fun of Genesis #1

I have a new humor video! The embed is below, of course. The video speaks for itself, but the subject is largely a reaction to how seriously people -- even non-theists and non-Christians -- take the Bible. Even people who should know better say things like it's a great work of literature. This baffles me! The Bible is boring, and where it is not boring it is silly. It has enough plot holes to drive a truck through, is rife with all manner of deus ex machina, and has stilted and unbelievable characterization and dialogue. Every so often, part of the Bible will raise itself from the purely craptacular to the mediocre. There's some stuff about Moses that is pretty good, and in Judges someone's head gets nailed to the ground, and the first part of Ezekiel had some nice psychedelic things. And Revelations is fascinating in its creepiness. But on whole? It's a bad book. So, this video is in part response to that.

I'm also putting this one up on GodTube with some modest changes in the title and description. I'm gonna start pushing it to see how far I can go before they kick me off GodTube. ;)

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beepbeepitsme said...

Yeah - apparently incest makes one righteous.