Monday, May 21, 2007

Atheists are Funny! Really!

Before I set about writing today's for honest and real post, I have decided to bring the funnies, again!

First, a friend sent me a link to Dance, Monkeys, Dance, which he commented was "atheist humor at its best". I rather agree. Remember, Nietzsche was just another monkey!

Then, another friend, Stew, sent me a new webcomic, Russell's Teapot, whereat Jerry Falwell is mentioned. I think it's safe to say when something about Falwell is titled "A Legacy of Love", laughter is bound to ensue.

Lastly, in the humor department, another whacky letter from a Christian!

Religion is a tool of control. It has the power to corrupt and the power to heal. Take a drug for example. In one hand you have a placebo and in the other the actual drug. In most cases the placebo works just as well as the actual medication. So in conclusion Religion on all levels is a placebo. It doesn't do anything except control the people who believe. Religion will never cease to exist. People are satisfied with the false light. My advice to you is to lead the sheep in your will. Make them do what is morally right. This is what religion is about. It is essential for human life. Otherwise we would die in our heartless blood rage.

Remember, this is supposed to be pro-religion! How to answer this sort of thing is completely beyond my knowledge and skill as a thinker and writer.

In a bit, I'll be comin' back with an actual post for today. But I thought I'd start out with some laughter!

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