Monday, June 18, 2007

A Touch of Prophesy

So, I went briefly into the prophesy IRC room that I was told about for a few minutes. Then I realized that to stay there would absorb me with a while, so I got out because I have other things to do. Yet, I have a brief update!

So, for a while there was nothing but the sort of idle chatter a person could see in any chat room. Then this little exchange:

[17:23] where were you born?
[17:23] just curious
[17:23] orignally Oregon
[17:23] oh ok
[17:23] born and raised there?
[17:23] where are u now nancy??
[17:23] for about 6mo
[17:23] now I wasnt raised there.. just born
[17:24] I was sent to CA to Los Angeles City of Hope Hospital to see if they could save me
[17:24] they couldnt
[17:24] so Jesus did
[17:24] amen Nancy
[17:25] was very sick as a newborn.. pnuemia, partially collasped lung and my heart was attacked
[17:25] PTL Nancy
[17:25] but Jesus saved me anyways
[17:25] well he must have a purpose for you

So, here we have some of the arrogance of Christians jumping straight to the forefront. As an infant, apparently, Nancy was sickly and didn't die. Does she attribute this to City of Hope? No. But Jesus. OK, then, what Chuckles the Clown says is even more interesting, to me. That because Nancy was "saved" by Jesus -- an assertion for which proof is neither offered nor required -- Jesus must have a purpose for Mary. God himself is validating Mary's existence!

It goes on:

[17:25] you a miracle huh Nancy
[17:25] :)
[17:25] amen I do I really really do.. with all my heart!
[17:25] Passing Storm.. yes one of them documented ones
[17:26] although I still struggles with weakness's
[17:26] the Lord anoints me for the plans and purposes and the missions He sends me on
[17:26] to do in His Name
[17:26] the only thing is I dont much like when that anointing lifts
[17:27] it takes me days sometimes a week or more to get some strength in my being
[17:27] or until the Lord sends me again
[17:27] wow what a testiomony Nancy
[17:27] pretty much, He's my breath.. for real.. He's my heart beat.. for reals
[17:27] He's my strength.. definately for reals
[17:27] keeps me close to Him

Again, all of this is offered up with neither proof nor even the need of proof. The credulity is staggering. No one seemed the slightest bit concerned that this story might be untrue, it was just assumed that the person was speaking the truth and something that is probably entirely mundane is proof of supernatural agency acting in the world . . . and that what is probably mundane is a special purpose that the person serves to their god. I am wondering, as I write this, if I could make all sorts of outrageous claims and be believed. I suspect so.

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L>T said...

Ugh! how asinine they are! Do they try to do real prophesy over the internet?

I'd like to see them speak in tongues on the net. :)

I am wondering, as I write this, if I could make all sorts of outrageous claims and be believed.
That might be an interesting experment. ;]