Thursday, June 14, 2007

More Makin' Fun of Genesis!

Because I know y'all can't get enough of me in video format, here is me makin' some more fun of Genesis. This talks all about the sex!


L>T said...

Ha ha! What are you on? I don't remember any of this from sunday school????

OMYGOD! it reaaally does say that in the Holy venerated scriptures!

Re to; how women are treated in the B.I.B.l.E., Bybile, Libel,(too much James Joyce) it sounds so much like classic Geek liturature.

Chris Bradley said...

And I'm not even out of GENESIS yet, hehe. It gets MUCH WORSE.

L>T said...

Sometimes I hafta wonder if the OT isn't all just some cosmic Jewish comic routine????

Chris Bradley said...

The OT is, IMO, the cultural history of the Jews from a primitive age. All that stuff is pretty . . . backwards, hehe. The difference is that no one regards the Iliad and Odyssey as moral framework. ;)