Friday, July 13, 2007

Pictures! Grand Canyon! Pacific Coast Highway!

I have pictures!

Of the Grand Canyon! We went there for a couple of days. It is . . . a very big hole in the ground. The air was very clear -- you could literally see a mountain a hundred miles away. I got heat exhaustion, hehe. I am no longer a desert creature, it appears, but it was mild and went away with some rest and water. After a while, I got grandeur overload. How many epic vistas can you see before they stop being epic? Well! These pictures are the best of the lot I took, I feel.

We also went down the Pacific Coast Highway. We didn't even go too far down it. Again with the grandeur overload. Which is good, after a fashion, because we'll have other visitors and we can just start where we left off, before! Yay! Also, these are the pick of the litter. All this stuff is reasonably local to me, just a little bit south of where I currently live, too.


Colin Campbell said...

I had a great road trip in the 1990s to Las Vegas when I was in Salt Lake City for work. I loved the desert scenery took a flight over the Grand Canyon and went to Death Valley. Las Vegas itself on the other hand, you can keep.

Chris Bradley said...


I actually grew up in Las Vegas and . . . OMG, I totally agree with your assessment of Las Vegas. ;) A lot of the desert Southwest is v. nice. Las Vegas? Not so much. But if you're ever forced out in that direction, again, you might want to take a look at the Valley of Fire.

Chi said...

Awww The Valley of Fire!! That makes me homesick :D

Amazing pics, Chris! Suck lovely scenery :) Are you jaded to the coast now, or do you still think it's pretty? :)

Chris Bradley said...

The coast is always pretty, Chi! I mean, sheesh, LOOK AT THE PICTURES. :)