Friday, September 19, 2008

The way to be a Christian

Some months ago - it'd have to be some months, right, because it's not precisely like I'm undating this blog regularly, hehe - I wrote an article how atheism was Conservapedia's article of the year, wherein I pointed out how terrible and insulting the article was. In particular I found it amusing that one of the reasons Conservapedia believes atheism is spreading is peace and justice! Anyway, I got this comment from a Christian about my article that's amusing enough I feel the need to share:

Okay, you cocksucking, worthless atheists. Conservapedia, while not being perhaps the most famous website, is still excellent and trustworthy.

But you, Satan worshipping, child sacrificing atheists will go to Hell, and that's a fact, you faggots.

Atheists, go back to suck your beloved Dickhard "Dick" Cuntkins's cock, you whoresons.

Richard Dawkins is a cunt, whoreson, shiteating fuckface, and he should be killed. With the rest of you fucking atheists.

We christians will rule the earth, and there's nothing at all you butthurt atheists can do! Mwahaha!


Poor lad. He thinks his dinosaur of a religion stands a chance. And he seems to be a Christian to hate without regret and seek some kind of power that will never come to him, because if history has shown anything it has shown the ease with which Christian rulers oppress Christian subjects in horrific and brutal ways. But, mostly a big laugh for me! ;)


breakerslion said...

Hatin' fer Jesus award. Amazing how this rabid screed comes out of the mouths of so many practitioners of the religion that brought you "Love thy neighbor" and "Turn the other cheek."

Conservapedia is trustworthy presumably because they say it is. Why would they lie?

Satan worshipping?? Besides the fact that it needs a hyphen, this guy is so trapped within his delusion that he probably thinks reality is a lie promulgated by the lippity-clippity red-butted nemesis of the Sky Fairy. In other words, he's a hopeless, brain-dead Christo-zombie. There used to be institutions for this type.

I have seen Richard Dawkins, and I have seen female genitalia (I doubt our friend could claim either, and I hope he hasn't bred). They bear no resemblance to one another, which makes this fool an uneducated liar.

"IN YOUR FACES"??? Tell you what. If that's the best you can do, I'd like you to reach deep into your pants, feel around for as long as it takes. Use a microscope. When you find something, GO FUCK YOURSELF!

Anonymous said...

that's hilarious! Probably not something Christ would say, but funny anyway. I'm left with two questions:
Can you cuss in heaven? I guess you can -- they love the whole forgiveness thing up there.
Do all zealots think that atheists worship Satan? ...the atheists I know don't worship at all. :)

Anonymous said...

that is just someone mocking Christianity. It wasn't from a christian. it wasn't from someone who believes in faith, hope, and love. Someone who accepts others and wants the best from them and respects when they believe in.

I have one question for the atheists out there though. everyone has emotions, correct. I want you to put your emotion of love or hate, or any emotion that you have into a PHYSICAL box. I want you to take something that's not physically there and put it into something physical. i think this is one of the most common misunderstanding about people who have faith. It's as if you're trying to describe a color to someone who has never and will not ever see it.
It's hard to explain, if not impossible. God is not of our minds, but from that very place you get love, anger, hate, peace. Just because u cant see or measure something, doesn't mean its not there. Show me a physical measurement of hate and I'll take everything i said back.

Show me the way of your thoughts, show me the way of your feelings.

Unknown said...

Ah, my favorite! He's not a "real Christian" because he does something which a real Christian dislikes.

And I put all my emotions into a physical box, because I'm a godless atheist and I believe that's all there is. All emotions are physical, because everything is physical. And I definitely believe if you can't see or measure (or prove it exists in any way whatsoever) that it doesn't exist, hehe.

Hate is pretty easy to measure by psychologists and neurologists, BTW. It's a certain mental state, by which mean a *brain state*. There are a large number of science books on the subject. ;)

Anonymous said...

Sorry about those typos, you cunt, i was quite pissed when i wrote that.

Disregard that, i'm gonna kick your ass.

Let's see if your beloved Dickhard "Dick" Cuntkins can save you, when i visit your house with the chainsaw...

Anonymous said...

Eep. Guess the death threats are reason enough to contact law enforcement authorities. Hope dude is using a proxy server!

As for the "emotions in a box" comment, it actually sounds like the poster is pointing out the fact that abstractions can be useful ways of understanding the world even if they do not correspond to a physical body. I.e. even though I cannot point to an object called "justice" (or even to its prevalence in the world, cynically speaking) it is still a helpful concept. By maintaining the ability to consider such abstractions, action can be taken to improve conditions in the real world.

This idea is not confined to theism.

Unknown said...

Anon, I tremble in terror at your prospective approach. No, really, I do. I'm in my boots and I quake in 'em. Seriously. This is me filled with . . . well, okay, filled with amusement.

I'm glad me laughing at you can make you so upset that you can't type straight. This is me laughing at you. Again.

Unknown said...

Afraid of stalkers,

Pfft. Contact law enforcement? First, my experience is that they don't care too much about intermittent internet trolls with vague threats.

However, to address your point, I agree that concepts like justice, love, kindness, altruism both exist and can be useful. My rejection of religion is not simply that I find the mysticism inherent in religion absurd, but also because I don't think that ideas such as gods, heaven, hell, etc., actually do anything good - or they do good and evil in at least equal measure. There is nothing religion does that a humanistic, secular approach doesn't do better. Nothing. The ideas behind religion are thousands of years old. All fields of human knowledge have improved. Clinging to religion makes all the sense of clinging to Aristotelian philosophy or monarchy - none at all.

Matthew Pickard said...

Hey... I'm jealous. You seem to get some high quality hate mail. What's your secret! //MC

Unknown said...


I'm sure if you keep at it you'll get your own trolls! I don't do nothin' special. I just call it like I see it. ;)

breakerslion said...

This one might be going for the coveted, "Murderin' fer Jesus" award. Never underestimate the potential of an insane person to do harm. Confucius say: Man who has head jammed up ass will not see enlightenment.

Anonymous said...

Indeed, because not believing in God is certainly grounds for not only being killed but also having your family killed in front of you. Killing someone simply for not believing the same thing you believe is like, well, it's exactly what it sounds like. A gross overreaction and the best evidence available that organized religion of this sort exists solely to make people think they're better than everyone else (while at the same time controlling them through fear of eternal damnation and/pr the promise of going to heaven).

This is why I'm not a Christian anymore.

Unknown said...

I can tell you one thing Christianity/religion in general is better at that humanism/secularism. Controlling people.

Enjoying your blog :)