Saturday, November 22, 2008

John Lennon in hell

The Vatican forgives John Lennon. Y'know. For when, back in the 60s, he said that the Beatles were bigger than Jesus and opined that rock and roll might outlast Christianity.

I think it's fascinating that they imagine anyone giving a damn - least of all John Lennon who if not an out-and-out atheist was definitely massively distrustful of all religion. I think it's fascinating that they imagine we care what they think about our art and our artists. It's all so narcissistic! The idea that Lennon needs to be forgiven by them, that such a thing would have any meaning at all (especially in light of the fact that their religion condemns him to eternal torment because whether or not he was an atheist might be in question, but whether or not he was a Christian is not).


Sergio said...

So, what does the Vatican hope to gain with this apology?

New fans? No thank you.

John Lennon should have also said that The Beatles were bigger than the Vatican, see them forgive that.

But, then again, I doubt Lennon was close to being as rich.

Moggs Tigerpaw said...

I don’t think it was necessarily just Roman Catholics burned all those Beatles records in the US. I think it more likely to be Christians, with strongly held beliefs who think carelessly, of all stripes.

Also the Vatican’s announcement will almost certainly make a difference to some devout Roman Catholics.

You are probably right that it will not make much difference to most people, It might have made some small difference to John Lennon though, had he ever known, being brought up RC.