Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Conservapedia YouTube vid and general comments

More about Conservapedia! Here's a lovely YouTube video of Andy Schlafly and a member of his "world history class" that created Conservapedia going on about the project:

Great video. I love it, hehe. What I love the most about it are the pans of the kids in Schlafly's home schooling class. Not only are no minorities represented, I don't think I saw a single kid who was so much as dark haired. No kidding! I was spooked by the way these kids looked like recruitment posters for racial purity. They weren't just white, they were pale.

The other thing that struck me is how there's an automatic equation between conservative Christian beliefs and real truth. Again and again, they talk about a liberal bias while frankly saying that Conservapedia is from the point of view of fundie Christians. To them, that's not bias. That's truth. Fundie Christian bias is truth to them.

One of the things in particular I found amusing is when the young woman that served as the mouthpiece of the students said that one of the reasons they founded Conservapedia was because they couldn't go edit Wikipedia's evolution article to talk about creationism and intelligent design. What I found funny is that Wikipedia's portal about creationism is vastly superior to Conservapedia's rather anemic article about the same subject. Conservapedia, as a source of information even about what is their stated reason to exist is far inferior than Wikipedia's articles about the same subject matter. If you want to learn about creationism, you're much better off going to Wikipedia than Conservapedia. I doubt that they'll grasp the irony there.

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Anonymous said...

OH for God's sake stop the weak knee-jerk responses! "I don't see any minorities represented" blah blah blah. Can you please try to come up with some sort of VALID CRITICISM, rather than these old platitudinous bogus critiques? Has it ever occurred to you that in some areas of this country, and frankly in the more well-off areas, minorities are in the extreme minority, and that's just the way it is. Unless you can show that Schlafly explicitly excludes minorities from his classes, yours is simply a cookie-cutter, knee-jerk (as stated), invalid, meaningless, old-hat, criticism.