Friday, March 7, 2008

Tony Blair, Professions of Faith and JP Morgan

Tony Blair is to teach "faith" at Yale University. During the time when he was the prime minister of one of the world's most powerful countries, he mostly kept a lit on his religious faith - but, now? Well, he's getting all sorts of appointments. He is, apparently, starting something called the "Faith Foundation". What is it? Who knows. The only Faith Foundation I could find was started six or seven years ago to help the "abused and neglected". Tony might want to know that the name is taken.

I, myself, am deeply creeped out that for the long years of his ministership of Great Britian he hid his faith. I mean, I . . . am pretty strongly of the opinion that's the sort of thing that people need to know. I know it was an open secret, but the fact he intentionally hid his religious faith while starting wars against primarily Muslim nations, as well as Britain's internal legislation that affected the millions of non-Chrisitans in Britain, is deeply disturbing. (It also, of course, is the personal link between Blair and Bush.)

But that's not the reason I'm making this post. This is. In the BBC article, there is this lovely quote, "Mr Blair's other appointments have included as a Middle East envoy and an adviser to investment bank JP Morgan."

A religious teaching job at Yale, starting a religious foundation, okay, these are of a piece. Envoy to the Middle East . . . well, now we're getting into a little sketchy territory. I mean, an envoy to a place where many of them regard him as a war criminal? It seems a bit foolish to me, but not incompatible with the other things, right? But then, y'know, working at a huge investment bank.

I mean, just . . . just . . . wow. How do these guys do it? This verbal devotion to religious faith and then working for JP fucking Morgan? "Oh, I devote my life to Jesus Christ . . . and reposssing people's houses." Which, due to the housing crash here in America, is precisely what JP Morgan is doing at an unprecedented rate.

It absolutely boggles my mind how they can regard themselves as Christians and how other Christians can regard them as Christians when their acts are so utterly at variance with their professed faith.

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