Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Pope still a stupid creep . . . his New Year's mass!

In his New Year's Mass, Pope Rat apparently said that a traditional family is the foundation of peace. It's all part of the focus his Papacy has "traditional family values". You know, no premarital sex, no divorces, definitely no gay marriages, one biological man and one biological woman in neat nuclear family arrangements. I, myself, have something of contempt for traditional family values, because I've known, both personally, through research and anecdotally, that too many families are actually pretty horrible. As in literally abusive. I think it's only sensible that people leave abusive relationships, or unhappy and unhealthy ones, and I certainly don't think that love could or should be limited to one biological man and one biological woman. Plus, y'know, traditional family values haven't been terribly effective, thus far, in stopping war. In times past, the amount of warfare in the world was even worse than today, even though that's difficult to imagine. But for much of human history, every summer and fall, most of the civilized world was wracked by armed conflict. So, even through simple observation, it's pretty easy to see that traditional families and war can pretty easily co-exist. Unsurprisingly, I think the Pope is wrong, spewing out a religious message without any real evidence to back it up . . . but evidence isn't precisely religion's strong suite.

But what I found more interesting is the last bit of this BBC article. The Beeb says, "His New Year prayer included a plea for renewed global efforts to dismantle nuclear weapons and curb the arms trade." Which sort of highlights the insanity and stupidity of this whole "family is the basis of peace". He spends most of the service talking about the importance of family values but then, at the end, slips in some bit about how we should get rid of nuclear weapons and firearms.

The message is clear. Fags are more dangerous to peace than nuclear weapons. So, fuck you, Pope Rat.

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Ex Patriot said...

I am also a life long Atheist and I agree with you 100% what you have written about the Popenfuher, he really is work of bad art